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Planning Your Next Party? 5 Reasons Why Axe Throwing Could Be It

Looking for something fun and different to do for a large celebration? Whether it’s a birthday party, work get-together, or a family shindig, pretending to be axe-wielding lumberjacks and learning how to throw an axe is up there on the axe-citement scale!  

Not only is it a unique experience for your guests, but some might even find out they are axe throwing stars in the making! No matter the type of get-together you are planning, here are 5 more reasons why axe throwing is the perfect activity for your event:

1. It’s a Great Activity for Large Groups

Large gatherings can be intimidating to put together, especially knowing everyone has different likes when it comes down to entertainment. The best thing about axe throwing is that it’s incredibly thrilling and action-packed! So much so that it leaves almost no room for silence or boredom. This is because axe throwing is a highly engaging activity for everyone. The challenge of throwing an axe is universally appealing and makes people want to try it out for themselves. Don’t believe us? Give someone an axe and we bet they’ll try and hurl it at a target! 

2. Promotes Teamwork and Camaraderie

Since axe throwing requires everyone’s participation, it’s a fun way to learn healthy competition and nurture camaraderie amongst large groups of people. This not only boosts team spirit but also morale.  Your guests will have an amazing time together and will also naturally learn how to depend on each other to master a new skill.

3. BYOB Makes For a Great Event

With all that movement, it’s natural for everyone to get hungry and thirsty while axe throwing. Well, did you know Hotshots Axe Throwing is one of the few locations where you can bring your own alcohol? Plus, we also sell non-alcoholic refreshments and snacks! So, if you are looking to get a thrill, have a couple of beers, and chuck some axes, Hotshots Axe Throwing is where to go! 

4. Reserve Only What You Need

Whether you are planning a small get-together or a team-building event for your employees, you can rent out a few lanes or the whole location! Each event starts with individual coaching and instruction from a dedicated axe coach who will stay with you and oversee your game. We believe throwing a killer party should be fun, simple, and full of bullseyes, which is why we have many private event packages to choose from. 

5. We Can Go to You!

Book our mobile axe throwing unit and we will come to you! Our mobile axe throwing events are available to book for a fun outdoor axe throwing experience. Our Hotshots axe throwing coaches will go over our basic safety instructions and show you how to safely throw and stick a bullseye! After some warm-up throws, we’ll get you and your guests involved in some fun and friendly competitive games that will have you all cheering, laughing, and having a great time! We’ll have some prizes included for the top winners of the axe throwing games as well! Learn more about our mobile axe throwing here.

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Planning Your Next Party? 5 Reasons Why Axe Throwing Could Be It

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