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Divorce Parties In Tempe, AZ

Divorce Parties are increasing in popularity right now. While many people may think they’re in bad taste, others have welcomed them as an essential ceremony. A divorce party allows friends & family to help an individual through a difficult life change.

Should I Throw A Divorce Party?

Yes! It might be just what you need to get yourself through the next phase of your life. It’s one way to say to the world, “I am ready to start my new life!”

When Should You Throw A Divorce Party?

There are no specific rules for scheduling a divorce party, but you should have your party when you are emotionally ready. Some people do it during the divorce proceedings, while others wait until the dust is settled. Ultimately you have to go with what feels right for you.

I Need Help Throwing A Divorce Party

This is where Hotshots Axe Throwing in Tempe comes in! We help you plan, coordinate, and set up your entire party from start to finish. Our divorce celebration allows you and your guests to have fun, relieve stress, and shout to the world you are single again; while maybe getting a little tipsy in the process!

Steps To Setup Your Divorce Party

  • Set a date for your Divorce Party.
  • Make a list of any special requests needed.
  • Build a guest list.
  • Call Hotshots Axe Throwing!

Hotshots Axe Throwing provides a one of a kind experience for divorcees! So when you finalize your divorce paperwork, contact Hotshots Axe Throwing, and we will throw a party you won’t forget!

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Divorce Parties In Tempe, AZ

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