Date Night at Hotshots Axe Throwing.

Date Night Never Looked This Axe-citing!

Congrats, you finally landed a date with you-know-who! Take a second to pat yourself in the back.

Well. Done. Me.

However, the excitement surrounding this highly-anticipated date has begun to fizzle out like an opened soda can once you realize you have no idea where you are taking them. Don’t worry, we have a great date night idea 😉 

You know you’re not just “another date,” and you’ve got to make the best first impression (no pressure). So, be bold! And what is bolder than going axe throwing at Hotshots Axe Throwing? Mix some laughs with a little sprinkle of friendly competition and you’ve got a date to remember. Here are more reasons why you should go axe throwing with that special someone:

Not a Dull Moment in Sight

Boredom and axes, dare we say, are an impossible combination. Axe throwing is a fun-filled activity from start to finish. When you arrive at our venue, one of our axe coaches will be ready to teach you the ins and outs of the game. After a few practice throws and your coach’s green light, you and your partner can start throwing those axes and competing to see who lands that first bullseye shot.

Get to Know Each Other Doing Something New

Going for a totally new experience for the both of you is the perfect way to bond. Many people tend to arrange dates in places where they feel most comfortable, like their favorite neighborhood bar or the restaurant they go to every Friday night. Why not get to know each other in a new setting and create new memories together from the get-go? And who knows, maybe you end up leaving with a new hobby as well!

Stand Out from the Typical Movies and Dinner Date

There’s nothing more overplayed than a movie and dinner date. What can we say, it’s a snoozer, especially if you are not ready to hold a lengthy and intimate conversation during dinner. You want the first date to be memorable, so plan an activity that is bound to stick in your date’s mind like axe throwing. If there is something your date won’t forget is when you hurled that axe straight into the bullseye!

The Best Icebreaker is Learning a Skill Together

Conversations during first dates aren’t necessarily the smoothest experience, but axe throwing can help. How? If you really want to get to know someone, put an axe in their hand and see what happens. We promise it’s the best conversation starter. From a little competitive banter to bonding over your initial failed throws, there is a lot to talk about during your axe throwing session. The cherry on top is that you are both learning a new skill together!

Ready for axe throwing date night? There is no better choice than Hotshots Axe Throwing in Tempe, Arizona!

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Looking for something different to do on date night, other than Netflix and chill?

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Date Night Never Looked This Axe-citing!

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