Art Of Axe Throwing

The Art of Axe Throwing – America’s Newest Spectator Sport

The art of axe throwing began to gain popularity in 2006 as a backyard sport, which would potentially lead to competing on a bigger scale. Two competitors would throw an axe at a target with the goal of hitting a bullseye as near as possible. The closer the competitor is to the bullseye, the more points are achieved.

The rules are simple. The target must be constructed of wood, so the axe can be penetrable and stay in place. Competitors must also not step over the “throwing line” before the axe hits and or misses the target. In professional or major events, it gets more technical.

The axes must be specific sizes ranging from small for normal rounds. The WATL has gained popularity over the years, often appearing on ESPN. It is quickly becoming the premier Axe Throwing league nationwide.

Is Axe Throwing Dangerous?

Yes, caution still applies. The throwing lane must be well lit and kept safe during operation. Spectators must remain in “Safe Areas” designed away from the throwing lane, and the areas must be designated as such. In most establishments, axe coaches are certified in First Aid and CPR are present in case of an emergency on a non-professional level.

Axe throwing sessions usually last between one to two hours and are held in a bar setting, with food and drinks. As of 2020, there are hundreds of Axe Throwing establishments across the United States, making it the next fastest-growing American Sport.

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The Art of Axe Throwing – America’s Newest Spectator Sport

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