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5 Reasons to Join an Axe Throwing League at Hotshots

Here at Hotshots Axe Throwing, we are extremely passionate about sharing the love of axe throwing with those who have not yet experienced the ecstatic satisfaction of that bullseye feeling. And for those who are already familiar with and fans of axe throwing, we like to motivate them to join an axe throwing league. There are many benefits to joining a league, especially at our venue! So, if you are an enthusiastic thrower and you can’t seem to get enough one time sessions at Hotshots Axe Throwing, here are the reasons why you should consider joining an axe throwing league:

Bang for Your Buck

This one’s easy. For those looking for discounted pricing, there is no better deal than our Hotshots Axe Throwing price – $120 for 8 weeks! Our league lasts 8 weeks, one day or night per week. So, rather than booking multiple sessions for the normal price, you will be saving money PLUS getting more sessions to really hone in your axe throwing skills.

Coaching Is Included

Another great perk about joining a Hotshots Axe Throwing league is that we’ll coach you and your group to start sticking bulls-eyes in no time! Coaching is included with our axe throwing league membership, and no experience is required to enter! If you are looking into becoming an axe throwing legend, look no further than joining a league to receive advanced and in-depth training.

We Track Your Stats

There is no better way to get better at a sport than tracking your progress. Numbers don’t lie, which is why we keep track of your axe throwing stats online, not only so you can see how you stack up against the competition, but for your self-development.

Joining a League Makes It Official

Are you more than a hardcore axe throwing enthusiast but don’t know how to make the jump to pro? Joining an axe throwing league makes it official. At Hotshots Axe Throwing, we are affiliated with the World Axe Throwing League, the largest Axe Throwing league worldwide! So, if you are looking into becoming a top competitor in the sport of axe throwing, joining a league is the right next step. 

Make It on ESPN

Did you know league high scorers can qualify to compete at the World Axe Throwing Championships on ESPN? And no, professional competition is not only for big, strong men with great force. World Championship competitors have one prime skill, and that is accuracy. It’s all about the technique, which anyone can learn. So, if you think you have what it takes to make it on ESPN, then join a league today to start sharpening your bulls-eye throwing skills!
If you not convinced of how much fun axe throwing leagues are by now, we have no idea what will convince you! Joining an axe throwing league is something awesome everyone needs to try. We promise you won’t regret the decision to try it out! Interested in our axe throwing league? Contact Hotshots Axe Throwing today for more information at (480) 591-9118 or sign up for our official league here.

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5 Reasons to Join an Axe Throwing League at Hotshots

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