4 Reasons Why Axe Throwing Is the Ideal Team Building Activity

Team building is an essential part of any business looking to run smoothly. 

It is no surprise that employees that feel part of a solid team will work harder at their jobs and feel more fulfilled in their careers. But how do you find the perfect activity for a diverse team with different tastes, likes, and hobbies? This is where axe throwing comes in! 

Axe throwing is a fantastic team-building activity that provides employees with some fun social time while still shaping a positive team mentality. Here are just some of the many reasons why you should choose axe throwing as your next epic office outing:

1. Coworkers can get to know each other in a fun environment

Itching to get to know your coworkers? Put an axe in their hands and you’ll get there quicker than you thought! Who would’ve thought that the perfect recipe to get people out of their shell required a wood-chopping tool? Team-building doesn’t have to be a boring activity people feel forced to attend. It can take place in an exciting environment where coworkers can bond freely without the pressures of the workplace, and instead, feel like this at the end of it ⬇️

Man hurls an axe and hits the bullseye.

2. It relieves the stress from work

Work stress is no joke, yet, 80% of workers feel stress on the job and nearly half said they need help in learning how to manage stress (The Marlin Company, 2001). From deadlines to client problems, there is no shortage of stress sources for the common worker in the U.S. Enter axe throwing! There is truly no better way to relieve stress than to hurl an axe at a target and hit the bullseye only to be met by your coworkers’ enthusiastic cheers. Want to learn more benefits of axe throwing? Read our blog “4 Amazing Axe Throwing Benefits.”

3. It provides an opportunity to work together

When you bring in your coworkers or employees for axe throwing, we make sure you are not just throwing axes for no apparent reason. Instead, you will find that axe throwing naturally motivates coworkers to come together by learning a new skill and cheering each other on. They will not only have a wonderful time but be brought closer together as well as teach them to work as a team to get something done. 

4. It kindles friendly competition

Nothing brings people closer together like some friendly competition. Sounds backward, but it’s true! Friendly competition might be the special potion your team needs to let in some much-needed playfulness into their work relationships and create meaningful bonds. When you plan a team-building exercise, you will most likely have your employees split into teams that are competing against each other. A fun idea is to divide your teams by department to improve bonds within it, or mixing departments to encourage relations between them.


Axe throwing is the perfect team-building exercise for a company looking to strengthen bonds, incite friendly competition, and encourage teams to work better together. So if you want your coworkers or employees to function as a cohesive team unit, seriously consider a fun evening of axe throwing at Hotshots Axe Throwing in Tempe, Arizona! 

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4 Reasons Why Axe Throwing Is the Ideal Team Building Activity

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