4 Amazing Axe Throwing Benefits

Axe throwing has taken the U.S. by storm in the past few years. Up to this day, it has been majorly considered as an activity to defeat boredom instead of a beneficial activity for your health and mind. Well, we are here to tell you axe throwing has a surprising range of benefits for those who love it as a hobby or even participate in it competitively! If you’re curious about giving axe throwing a shot, you should stick around and read about the various benefits that this exciting activity can offer. Here are the top 4 axe throwing benefits you can take advantage of while having fun with family and friends:

Benefit #1: Axe Throwing Is an Amazing Stress Reliever 

Work, family, relationships, work, and even just plain old adulthood can bring a lot of unwanted stress into your life. Axe throwing can work as a great way to deal with this stress! Much like hitting a punching bag or going out for a quick run, axe throwing can be especially restorative for the mind. The repetitive motion of hurling an axe towards its target and watching it stick to the bullseye over and over again will melt all your stress away!

Benefit #2: Trying Something New Is Great for Your Mind

Giving something new a try is incredibly good for both your social life and your psychological well being.  Because there is a lot of comfort in our routines, it is oftentimes hard to branch out of your usual hobbies and activities. When you do branch out though, trying new activities is said to increase creativity and brainpower. Every time you put yourself in a new situation, you encourage your brain to understand a new set of circumstances. In other words, you are training your brain to solve problems every time you try out something new. 

Benefit #3: Chucking an Axe Is a Great Workout

The repeatable motion of axe throwing is a great muscle workout! From chucking and releasing the axe to squatting to retrieve it, axe throwing is a workout that doesn’t feel like one until the next morning. What exact muscles are you using when throwing an axe? Axe throwing strengthens your lats, shoulder muscles, hamstrings, calves, and core! However, the best part is that axe throwing rarely feels like a workout. It is so much fun that players never even realize they are adding any physical effort while having a blast! 

Benefit #4: It Lends for Family and Team Bonding 

Axe throwing is an activity for all ages and physical abilities, making it the perfect activity for family, friends, and work teams to bond over. The challenge of sticking an axe and hitting the bullseye makes for a friendly yet competitive environment that fosters a sense of camaraderie amongst players. Axe throwing, much like bowling or throwing darts, is a communal activity. It’s a great option when looking to add variety to your group night outs and simply having a good time with others. 

Beyond the excitement and fun, axe throwing offers a new way to relieve stress and to sharpen both your physical and mental abilities. If you’re looking to have an axe-throwing experience in Phoenix, Arizona, make sure to check out Hotshots Axe Throwing and book today

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4 Amazing Axe Throwing Benefits

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